Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Samuel Adams Triple Bock (2008 remix)

Samuel Adams is known for 3 things. Patriotism, beer, and hardcore revolutionary-era pornography. Unfortunately, they only sell one of those at the beer store. My buddy Mike got drunk one night and made a liquor store run, and picked up a bunch of random beers. Cue to next week, after polishing off most of what he bought, and my monthly work trip to Dallas became a beer-sampling expedition. For some reason he had been saving this, since it was expensive. I wish he hadn't.

I didn't see our previous review before opening this son of a bitch, which was my mistake.

Price - 0.0/10. 5 bucks for an 8.45 oz bottle. You could water it down and fill up a 24oz container, though.

Smell - First test by Mike, "a fuckin tawny port". He's fucking right. Straight up raisins and chocolate in your ass. In fact, I couldn't smell anything other than that, including anything you would normally associate with beer. The raisins and chocolate did smell nice though, so I don't really know what to make of it. Unrated.

Taste - 2/10
It tastes like beer raisin syrup. There are enough sediments in the bottle to pan for gold in. A little too harsh aftertaste for a beer. I drink beers in under 10 minutes as a rule, and half a glass took me 30 minutes to wash down. The tallboy of Coors I had as a chaser was much better. However, it might actually be better used as a sauce for meat. Neither of us want to venture into actually using it, as we own actual seasonings and Tapatio hot sauce.

I would never drink this again, even if I was paid for it.

Hangover Potential - 8/10
Having 1 after 6 Millers at the bar. We are guessing it's around 14%. Don't try this at home.
I had several Coors after that. I overslept for work, and walked around in a haze most of the day. No headache or extreme stomach issues, even after accidentally inhaling a good amount of the black death at the bottom of my glass.

Randomness - So I hear from folks that there are good triple bocks (or tripel bocks, fancy pantses). This was my first introduction to them, and from Flood's review, this is definitely not the one to get your feet wet with. Try some Belgian shit. Seriously, don't do it.