Monday, July 20, 2009

Shiner Bock is the Awesome

1 - purchase Shiner Bock
2 - drink Shiner Bock
3 -

I've enjoyed every Shiner beverage I've sampled in my beer drinking career, but none more than their Bock. Delicious, balanced, and reasonably priced, it's my kind of beer.

I don't have any crazy stories to tell involving this great beer, or any jokes to beat into the ground at its expense. All I'll say is if I'm looking to come home from work, do some grilling, listen to Avail, and have a beer or two with dinner, Shiner Bock is at the top of my list.

I'd totally go gay for the Shiner ram.


CurtFlood said...

Have you tried Shiner Black? It's awesome stuff, aaaaaand it gives you awesome farts. I mean "hurry up and dig up your dead grandma and have her smell this so she dies all over again" awesome.

defen said...

I get to sample a fuckton of their beers, which is nice.

The only one I've ever had which is bad is the Shiner Smokehouse, which tastes like wood.

I farted twice while reading Flodd's Shiner Black comment.

Mark said...

The Black sits right above the Bock at the grocery store and has been doing so for a few months now. I have never sampled it, not really sure why. It has plenty to do with the Bock being delicious, but no matter, now that I've been made aware of its gaseous powers, I'm diving in headfirst.

McLane said...

Can't believe I forgot defen's comment and actually purchased their Smokehouse today. Shit shit shit shit.