Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Four Peaks Kiltlifter

As you can see from the bottle, this is a Scottish style ale. I'm what one might classify as a novice when it comes to different types of brews as I'm a connoisseur of High Life and PBR. So let's see what the fine folks at Four Peaks tell us about their beer:

You have before you the combination of pure water, North American malt, fresh Kent Golding hops and clean, strong yeast. An ale, artfully crafted in Tempe, Arizona and eagerly shared by the Four Peaks Brewing Company.

Kilt Lifter is brewed in the long tradition of smooth, full bodied Scottish ales. It is marked by a warm balance of hop and malt, with the slightest hint of peat-smoked barley. A traditional touh for a fine ale whose merits are many.

Now, I don't know who Kent Golding is but he might just be the commissioner of truth in advertising because Four Peaks isn't full of shit in the least bit.

This is a moderately dark beer with a crisp finish and just a touch of hops. Nothing is overpowering about this beer except its deliciousness. I'm fortunate to have easy access to it.

I do have one slight complaint about this fine beverage. It's nothing to be ashamed of as another of my favorite beers (Bass Ale) falls in the same boat, but it's better on draft. This is not to say I won't drink from a freshly-poured frosty mug at home all day but I'm not f'ing around when I say Kilt Lifter is something special when ordered at the bar.

If you have the means, I highly recommend it. It is so choice.

taste - 9/10

Really, it's that good. Only piece of advice is to serve it nice and cold. The colder the better.

price - 5/10

It isn't unreasonable but hardly dirt cheap. I got a 6'er this evening for $7. One would think my proximity to the brewery would help price but that just isn't the case.

At the bar it's $4 a pint, which as far as bar prices go, is a fantastic deal.

hangover - 8/10

Costco has 24-packs of Kilt Lifter for dirt cheap. I've made the purchase just once, as I went what we like to call overboard. You see, I was working on my car, changing the oil and the brakes and got into a bit of a rhythm. Before I knew it, half the case was history and I was WASTED.

The next morning was an absolute nightmare. Filmy teeth, cat-piss breath, churning stomach and a head with a tack-hammer driven through it.

The 6% alcohol content did me now favors, nor did my light speed consumption. I'd recommend consuming this beer in much the same way you smoke a pork shoulder, slow and low. That last sentence doesn't really make a lot of sense.

randomness - 2/10

Damn near every supermarket has this in stock and convenience stores are starting to get in on the act as well. Not sure how far they distribute it, if it reached California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a tasty brew. I've never seen it in Iowa, but then again we're just now getting cordless phones and those cool banana holders that sit on your kitchen counter. Regardless, you'll have to buy me a pint the next time we're checking out a one-legged chick at The Dubliner.

matt said...

Wow you saw this at Costco? I'm going to look around for it here sounds liek a nice affordable beer even if I have a genetic aversion to Scotch/Irish culture.

Anonymous said...

How about Alabama? Love this beer and I am anxious to find a store that carries it. Yum. It does, indeed, lift your kilt.

Anonymous said...

Love this beer